Thermal Analysis Systems: Tina Barcley


Exceptional dynamic individual who can lead multiple disciplines at all levels and engage team members as well as team leads. Proactive problem-solver who can see the big picture, break it down into executable portions, eliminate barriers, and close on-time and on-budget. Has run several programs and proposals simultaneously - the largest was $200M. Employs a direct approach to managing, creating, innovating, and streamlining designs and processes. Expert in several fields including Mission Assurance, Parts & Materials, Reliability, and Electronics Packaging (component and assembly), Inspection, Board Manufacturing, and Testing. Provided management in several different industries from Commercial Space to Tier 1, Defense, Military, and Automotive.


JACOBS, Rapid Solutions, Severn, MD (2020-2024)

Director of Mission Assurance - Guru over Parts & Materials, Electronics Packaging, Mission level contamination, safety, and reliability. Commercial through Tier 1 Space Products
  • • Executed process development, training, and processes to get Jacobs AS9100 certificaton achieved March 2023. Moved a mostly non-space group (heavily into R&D) into Production Space and Operations.
  • • Released over 120 procedures and 60 forms with the process owners and relevant training programs. Performed several internal audits, process improvements, and team learning events.
  • • Worked with several programs to ensure Mission Assurance and Space Readiness. This included Systems SDRLs, Verification Matrices, Parts and material plans, Contamination, Reliability and Quality Plan, Configuration Management, Production set-ups and other sysstem level requirements through DOORS and SAP software. Hightlighted here are significant communication, planning, organizatonal support, and production support. Provided Math and Estimation processes for large programs.
  • • Achieved compliance using internal audits with nonconformance reporting and process improvements. Used communication, planning, training, and working directly with all levels of the organization.
  • • Used best practices methodologies to create processes where there weren’t any prior to my starting with the company. Set up Estimating, Planning, and organizational structure where needed in Production Support, Inspection, PM&P, and System Reliability and verification matrices.
  • • Worked with Program Management, Engineering, Manufacturing, Electrical CAD/Mechanical CAD, Inspection and Receiving, Purchasing, Software, Integration and Testing, Purchasing, Configuration Management, and Quality to simplify the processes, provide process improvements, but still provide required rigor.
  • • Set up new space technology areas for quality, inspection, parts and materials, processes, reliability, electronics packaging, and solder fatigue analysis. Moved group from R&D focus to production focus. Provide audit matrix to push process improvement throughout all levels of the organization.
  • • Led and trained a new team of engineers in Parts, Materials and Processes, PMPCB activities, and Non-Standard Parts Approval.
  • • This included program deliverables for Reliability, System Risk, Approved Program Parts Lists, Safety Plans, Operations Plans, System requirements, Document Control / Release, Production Support, and Program Management Plans.

TAS CONSULTING, Thermal Analysis Systems, Mendon, NY (2008-2020)

Chief Technical Officer

Harsh Environment Electronics Reliability Expert Consulting for Government Primes, Defense, Automotive, and High-Reliability Electronics
  • • Executed Sole source to Government Primes to provide Electronics Packaging Reliability Expertise. Provided marketing plan, created proposals and quotations, performed harsh environmental analysis and testing, solder fatigue, test plan creation, test plan execution, design consulting, procedure writing, and organizational training.
  • • Improved R&D efforts and Math/Analyses for small start up companies investigation new business.
  • • Performed Solid Works CAD and Analysis for clients to add new capability now bringing in millions. Has spoken and taught at IMAPS Conference as technical expert in Reliability, Circuit Boards, and Electronics Packaging.
  • • Provided inputs to a Space Manufacturing company to create a new factory.

ITT, Space Systems Division, Rochester, NY (2001-2010)

Sr. Program Manager | Chief Technical Officer

New Business Manager of Space Control & Missile Defense (2006-2010)
  • • Executed proposals, won, and pursued study phase into a new area. This revolved into a new program that I completed within schedule and budget. Proposed 3rd quarter study that was awarded late 2008 and completed successfully. This study moved into an active proposal where we won due to the innovation and cost reduction seen in the payload. The customer needed a “Purple Cow,” and we gave it to them. This customer wanted a no-frills approach for quick tactical missions. We gave them an interchangeable payload with a reconfigurable software choice of four mission sensors in a small satellite format.
  • • Submitted several proposals for small 0.25m satellite payloads. We not only won the Phase 1 studies but moved onto the follow-up phases for larger dollar values. This has been completed on one program, was in process on another program, and started on a third program when I left.
  • • Worked with both the Competitive Intelligence and Business Development Groups to learn customer focuses, adjacent markets, and the tools available for this type of research. Have personally done price-to-win presentations, ghosting themes, and reviewed competitors and their bidding practices.
Program Manager of New Generation Satellite Study (2006)
  • • As Program Manager, successfully doubled a government study contract focusing on the next generation of satellites. Executed the program with stellar performance warranting outstanding customer feedback, especially in responsiveness and scheduling. Excellent customer communication required for this fast-moving, very technical program.
  • • Prioritized tasks for high level technical experts to maximize quality and quantity of work needed to support the program deliverables. Provided crisp summaries and recommendations for management strategic verification in the areas of optical system architecture and sensor improvements.
Proposal Manager of New Generation Satellite Study (2005-2009)
  • • Managed multiple sections for several large proposals - responsible for both technical and cost proposal manuals. Provided technical input for all sections of proposals as well as costing and risk assessments.
  • • Supporting on-going proposals in the areas of System Architecture including software, RF, Optical Bus, Data Compression/transfer, EMI/EMC, Packaging, PM&P, Reliability, Manufacturability, Accessibility, Testability, Thermal, Vibration, and Supplier Subcontracts. Submitted two patents on optical architecture and mirror design.
Technical Manager for Large Subcontract (2002-2004)

Technical Manager for several large subcontracts – the largest over $125M. These included electronics hardware and data processing for very high-resolution optical satellites. These subcontracts were the electronic packages for the optical satellites that now provide all the google pictures for the internet.

Manager of Electronics Packaging (2001-2005)
  • • Simultaneously did this role and the role above.
  • • Created entire Electronics Packaging Group (106 Engineers, Technicians, and Supervisors), hired staff, and clearly articulated direction. Educated personnel companywide on electronics packaging and grounding, prohibited materials, cables, and Engelmaier analyses.
  • • Interacted directly with customers as the ITT spokesperson for workmanship, materials, thermal, RF Grounding, electronics packaging, and quality issues. Responsible for proactively steering several processes focused on Packaging, Electrical, CAD, Parts & Materials, and system level architecture.
  • • Provided new Fischer scope XRF Tin-Lead Materials Testing 10% under predicted budget and on time for three commercial satellite programs for ITT (including subcontracted power supply). Accelerated testing schedule two-fold to meet new schedule (decrease from 8 months to 4 months).
  • • Recognized technical expert in Packaging and Design for Manufacturing with 21 patents. Recognized technical expert in Specialty Engineering, especially in Materials and Parts selection, usage, and requirement compliance. Submitted 12 patents in Electronics Thermal Management, RF and Grounding, and Heat Removal.

DAIMLER CHRYSLER, Rochester Hills, MI (1995-2001)

R&D Lab Manager and Packaging Producibility Expert

  • • Provided strategic road map for technologies to be developed for production input. Devised and provided rigor for exit criteria required for successful implementation of road map. Responsible for large portion of the $10M budget for Materials and Component Development lab for Chrysler Advanced Packaging for Underhood Electronics. Developed Auto Industries' first underhood BGA.

  • • Developed Auto Industries’ first underhood BGA. Advanced packaging concepts with knowledge of solder fatigue and creep. Submitted 9 patents in the areas of RF Packaging, Thermal Packaging, and Electronics Processing and Material Development.
  • • Responsible for Materials and Component Development lab for Chrysler Advanced Packaging for Underhood Electronics - Yearly budget was close to $10M.
  • • Developed flexible board and thermally conductive film/adhesive usage for production.
  • • Packaged underhood BGA for 1999 automobiles and was extended into more types of modules in 2002 and then again in 2004.
  • • Created and implemented production metrics that could be gated as the life of the product continued and was expanded.


SVERDRUP TECHNOLOGY (MSFC Contractor), Huntsville, AL (1989-1994)

Product Team Manager of NASA AFE Satellite

Developed environmental pollutants tracking database for propulsion emissions. Project Manager responsible for NASA AFE Satellite. Tiger Team Lead across 4 locations (US and Canada) for system maintenance and reliability concerns. Designed facility pressurized line addition testing hydrazine expulsion concepts.

TRW, Redondo Beach, CA and AEROJET, Sacramento, CA (1986-1989)

Senior Engineer and Team Lead of Aerospace Structure and Thermal Analyses

Spacecraft payload modeling with ANSYS and PATRAN for 2D / 3D structural and thermal analysis. Showed the benefits of new platelet hip-bonding process and specialized materials for new nose cone design.

SINGER LIBRASCOPE, Glendale, CA (1982-1986)

Team Lead for High Reliability Army | Navy | Avionics


MS, Industrial Systems Engineering, University of Alabama at Huntsville, 1995

Focus on Project & Engineering Management, System Engineering and Quality, including lean engineering and statistics

BS, Engineering, focus on Electronics Packaging and Materials, Harvey Mudd College, Claremont, CA, 1982


AS9100 Auditor Certificate – May 2021

Completed Toastmasters Competent Communication and Leadership Programs, 2010

Completed Program Managers Training, 2007

(Authored 2 training modules for ITT's Program Management Program, 2010)

Lean-Six-Sigma Greenbelt Certification, 2007